Monthly Archives: June 2013

First car show!

The British Car Field Day was fun. Great weather, over 200 British classics on display. As expected, no trophies for Ms. Jenavieve. Actually, they didn’t quite know what to do with her, so they classed her as a big Healey. Take a look at this picture and tell me which car you would vote for… or which one not to vote for. Kind of unfair competition 🙂

healeyssussex800 msjsussex

The donor car gets lighter and lighter

Small update, just because I like to talk about my cars 🙂

Donor car is getting lighter every day. As of tonight, all 3 1/2 fenders, trunklid, and doors are removed and stored safely in my garage attic until I get to stripping them and prepping for the graft onto Ms. Jenavieve.

Also removed and stored in the attic are the stainless door trim from both sides, convertible top frame (actually it’s the one from Ms. J), heater, fan, windshield frame, steering wheel, wiper motor, and a few odds and ends like door latch striker plates and the convertible top locating hooks from the rear deck. These all fall into the category of “probably won’t use them in the restore, but maybe someone else can use them”.

To remove yet: rockers/sills and floor pans, which will be part of Ms. J’s restore. Once those are removed, all that will be left will be to remove the wheels, front rotors, rear drums, steering column, and rear axle/differential (and the rear taillight surround panel if I can figure out a way to remove it without too much trouble) and then what’s left can be carted off to the crusher. Unless someone can think of something I missed that would be of value.

I’m thinking that I can have the rotors turned and kept as spare pairs, and the wheels sent off to be blasted and refinished for either spares or swapping if I think they are better than the ones Ms. J has now (both sets are stock style).

Meanwhile, Ms. J is all shined up and ready to take part in her first show this weekend… the British Car Field Day in Sussex, WI.  Over 200 British cars on display, and from what I’ve seen in last year’s pictures she should be the only JH there (though there were a couple of Interceptors last year).    We’ll be driving down with the local British car club… the lone JH in a procession of MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars, Minis, a couple of Lotuses, and even one Rolls that I know of.  I’m not expecting any trophies in her current condition, but it’ll be fun just to go take part in it.