About Ms. Jenavieve

Ms. Jenavieve is a 1974 Jensen Healey MkII, VIN #16173 (things were simpler back then), born in West Bromwich, England on April 17, 1974.  I purchased her in September of 2012.  She has been through at least 4 owners that I am aware of, and to the best of my knowledge has lived her life in Wisconsin with stops in Rhinelander, Sturgeon Bay, Appleton, and now Little Chute.

She likes to go for long moonlit drives.  Or sunlit ones.  Or any drive, actually.  She is easily the most “fun to drive” car I have ever owned, and is a bit of an attention getter, mostly because nobody seems to know what kind of car she is.

She is mostly well behaved, though she’s a bit high maintenance and insists on leaving puddles of oil on whatever surface she is parked on.  It’s a British thing.  The running story is that the only reason that a British car stops leaking oil is because it’s empty.

Anyway, most of her story can be found in the main blog area.  Happy reading.