Monthly Archives: February 2014

Good news for a change

Took the advice of a friend on the JHPS forum and spent some time cleaning up the chunk of rocker/sill that I chopped off my parts car. Got it pretty much down to bare metal, and it became much clearer how everything was welded together. I swear those Jensen welders must have gotten paid by the spot weld…

Anyway, once I was able to see what was holding everything together, I was able to drill out the welds I needed to in order to separate the outer rocker from the rest of the sill. Then, I moved on to Ms. Jenavieve and did the same. I figure about an hour of final cleanup this weekend, and then I will be ready to graft the nice new piece of outer rocker into place. That will be a huge load off my mind.

Feeling much better about the project now.

Inching along

The past few weeks have been kind of busy so not a whole lot getting done on Ms. J. When I’ve had a spare hour or two, I go out to the garage and pick a part to strip the paint off of. Lots of cleanup to do from things like the headlight rings and trim having overspray from the PO’s bad paint job.

Things get much calmer after this coming weekend, and then I will start having more progress to report. January kind of got away from me, so I need to get my nose back to the grindstone.

The Jensen East meet is coming sooner than I would like… gotta be ready!