No more excuses. Time to crack on.

New year, and time to get to it. I have 19 weeks to get Ms. J ready for the Jensen East 2014 event. Nothing like a deadline, right? I got a bit of a wrench thrown into things when I blew out my knee back in November and had to have it scoped, but I think I’m now ready to tackle the project in full.

Assuming the weather warms up some (if you haven’t seen the national weather reports, it’s crazy here… minus 21 degrees F at the time of this writing) my first goal is to get everything unbolted by this coming weekend. Doors, bonnet, boot lid, and fenders removed, and seats and carpet pulled. Garage is heated and insulated, but that kind of temperature is hard to overcome, so we’ll see.

Then, it’s assessment time regarding floors and rockers, once I have the above stuff out of the way. I took a look at the rockers from the parts car this weekend, and while they are pretty clean as far as rust, they are not exactly perfect (lots of little dings). Still debating if I want to go to all the trouble of using them, or just cut out what I need to cut out on Ms. J and weld in patch panels. Won’t know until I can see what I am working with.

Wish me luck.