Oooh… There’s the rust I knew was there.

Spun Ms. Jenavieve around on her roller skates last weekend to get the fenders off the passenger side. That actually went surprisingly well. Expecting some pretty extensive rust issues at the front of the rear fender/rocker joint, and I wasn’t disappointed. The rear fender was basically just Bondo’d to the sill. The “tab” at the bottom of the fender wasn’t even there.

As promised, closeups of the rocker/sill calamity:

Ummm… the top of the rocker is pretty much gone!  Also, the door jamb is pretty much gone in the bottom area.

Another view of the same area.  Haven’t hit it with the grinder yet, but there’s not much to work with there.

At least the front is mostly in once piece.

Obviously, there are likely rust issues on the inside that I can’t see at this point, too.  Debating whether to just cut out and weld sheet metal as needed, or perhaps chopping up the rockers I took off my parts car to patch in the front and rear bad spots, while leaving the middle (though I know I need to cut out a “window” and weld in new metal in the center under the door). The fewer spot welds I have to drill out, the better.

And of course fabricate a patch piece for the bottom of the door jamb.

This is getting fun!