Let’s start putting her back together.

So, I have this big box of parts removed during the reassembly, and it’s time to sort through and find what I need to put her back together, right? Here’s where I see how organized I was with my Ziploc bags.

First order of business, after a cleanup and respray, was to remove the K&N filters from the Strombergs and reassemble the original airbox and filter assembly.  Used a high temp ceramic engine enamel to respray the “muffler”. It’s a little shinier than it probably should be, but it’s somewhat close to the original gray. Now, I’ve been doing some perusing of the archives here about the way it should all be put together, especially with the crankcase ventilation. What the DPO had done was to remove the factory airbox, install the two K&N pancakes, and just shove a little K&N filter into the hose coming from the crankcase and just leave it stubbed like that. From what I’ve read here, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of advantage to reconnecting it, so I am thinking of just leaving that is and plugging the port on the airbox that the hose is supposed to connect to. Unless someone tells me that’s a bad idea.

Then, I temporarily hung the fenders on the drivers side just to see how she looked:

It makes me feel better to see the fenders in place, you know?

On to the re-bolting of the front fenders. Brett wasn’t kidding about “getting everything to line up”. The front passenger side is mostly on now, though I am thinking that I am going to replace all the fasteners instead of fighting with the old ones. Hoping that tonight I can finish that, get the drivers side fender mounted too, reattach the sugar scoops, and *maybe* see about remounting the hood/bonnet. It all has to be done, and it will do my heart good to see the front end complete.

Still haven’t heard from the radiator shop, so no idea when I’ll have my gas tank back. Getting anxious.