OK, I think I’m done with paint…

As long as I don’t ding things up too much putting the doors back on, anyway. Doors are curing in the garage after primer yesterday and paint today.




Now the fun begins. Gas tank is *supposed* to be ready tomorrow. Doors are painted. Nothing holding me back from reassembly except, well, me. I am going to wait with the doors until I get my order from Delta, since there are a number of parts (gaskets, window wipes and various push fixes) that I figure will be easier to deal with with the doors still removed from the car. Hoping they arrive in the next couple of days.

Oh, and no go on the front bumper stainless. The “expert” figured once he saw it that it would be closer to $400 to $450, and he’s not even guaranteeing that it will be perfect. Delta can get a new one from England for $550. If I’m going to spend that much, I’d rather pay the extra for one that I know will be perfect. It’ll wait for now, not a huge priority.

Next weekend is looking like a distinct possibility for completion… at least the weather will be lousy all week so I won’t be looking outside thinking “wish I could take her out and drive her”, but those days will be coming soon. I now have (once I get the gas tank back) everything I need to finish, except for the JHPS club store performance exhaust system which I’ve been waiting to do till last (didn’t want to have to worry about getting paint on it). Once she’s together and verified running and driving, then the exhaust gets ordered.