Header time – I put it off long enough.

I seem to remember myself saying that I had the whole month of March to tackle the replacement of the old exhaust manifold. Ummm… March kind of went by without me noticing. Well, most of it anyway.

Regardless, on Friday I did go ahead and order (1) Delta 4 into 1 header, (1) gasket set, (1) set of new manifold nuts, (12) new exhaust studs, and (2) front motor mounts. Once I get confirmation from Greg that the parts will be shipping and arrive here on or before next Friday, next weekend is set aside for the R and R of the manifold.

Figuring that (again once I know the parts are on the way) I can spend an hour or two a day this week preparing… lots of PB Blaster, and a sharp new Sawzall blade or two. I’m pretty sure I have duplicates of all the wrenches needed, so if I have to modify one or two on the fly, I don’t have to wreck my “good ones”. If it all goes well, maybe I’ll have the old header out before the weekend and ready to install the new one. I figured I’d replace the motor mounts at the same time since I have to remove the old ones anyway (or at least undo them) and it seemed to make sense.

Wish me luck. I’m assuming I’m going to need it.