Waiting for Pertronix to arrive

Did a few more “just because” things last night just to further rule things out.

Pulled the filter element out (K&N element in the stock “muffler”), cleaned it, reoiled it, and reassembled. It wasn’t that dirty, and it had no effect as I suspected. I figured if it was too restrictive it could cause a rich condition, but no change.

Played with the Strombergs for a while. I didn’t adjust anything other than the idle speed since they were just balanced, but I did read up on their operation and ran a couple of tests to see what they were doing. I did the test where you lift the piston slightly and the idle came up just a little and then slowed right back down, so that seems to be good. I did notice several references to the piston having resistance on the up stroke but falling quickly with a “click”. Well, mine are definitely not clicking, but they do seem to drop fairly quickly. I’m not sure if that’s an issue or not.

Also (side note) I finally installed the replacement interior light I bought from Delta over a year ago… the reason I never got to it was because when I had the car disassembled for the repaint, I had left the driver side door switch hanging inside the hinge cavity when I removed the door, and completely forgot about it when I reinstalled the door, so it’s just been hanging in there for the last 16 months. Oops. Last night I removed the door, fished the switch out, and reinstalled the door and switch properly. Fortunately I didn’t have too much trouble getting the door to line back up, got it on the second adjustment.

Waiting for the mail to get here with my Delta package…