Ms. Jenavieve has a new roommate.

So I was driving to a gig last week, and not really paying attention, and as I pass a farmhouse I see a glimpse of a familiar blue shape.  I think I can smell a Jensen Healey if it’s in the same county.

Anyway, after a bit of haggling, JH #12281, or most of her, is in my driveway on my trailer. 1973 JH Mk I. “Blue J” will be scrapped after removal of the few good parts.

blueJbefore1 blueJbefore2 blueJbefore3 blueJbefore4

No engine or transmission (actually there is a transmission in the boot, but I don’t believe it actually goes with the car since it looks nothing like the Rootes transmission and has MOWOG stamped on it in a couple of places).


Quick research implies that it is an old MG Midget/Austin-Healey Sprite/Morris Minor transmission.  Nothing I can use.

Anyway, the rest of the car is exceedingly rusty. No floors to speak of, fenders are rusty in the usual spots, the bonnet is actually separated at the front. I was going to make the guy an offer for just the rear bumper (lots of surface rust but otherwise straight, including the stainless panel) and some electrical odds and ends, but decided just to bring the whole car home and remove everything of value, which isn’t a whole lot. The dash has one small crack and is otherwise good, the gauges all look good, the headlight pods are ok other than paint (they are the square bottom ones), the original rocker switches and turn signal and wiper switches are there, glovebox is good, and the seats are surprisingly good (just a separated seam on the driver’s seat) though they are black and I can’t use them in Ms. Jenavieve since she has a tan interior.

So, a couple of weekends removing stuff, and then off to the recycling yard she goes. If anyone is looking for Mk I “non-body” and “non-drivetrain” parts, ask since I may have something you can use. Otherwise I’ll just hang on to them for now.