A nice little drive across 2 states

Well. JH 19370, or what is left of her, is now in my possession. Nice drive across Wisconsin and Minnesota to pick her up this past weekend.

Looking like an excellent investment, the more I delve into her. She belonged to Ernie West, and we had a really nice chat about JHs in general and ours specifically. Many of the parts from 19370 moved over to his other JH post accident, which explains her “stripped down” condition. Anyway, got her home and been playing the past couple of days.

Like I said above, he stripped pretty much anything that could be unbolted and removed. However, the items I was looking for are all there (along with a couple of nice surprises). The three fenders that weren’t damaged in the accident are pretty much perfect, as are the rockers and floor pans. Even the front passenger fender is probably salvageable in the “behind the wheel” area, which is the part I need. Those will all be coming off in the weeks to come.

Also (and this made the cost of the car and the transportation much easier to swallow) the soft top, while not perfect, is in perfectly serviceable condition… just needs to be cleaned up. It’s a much lighter weight than the aftermarket top that Ms. Jenavieve came with, it’s not suffering from any shrinkage (in fact it’s a tad loose), and the framework is clean as a whistle. So, the first order of business tonight was to unbolt both top frames and do a bit of regluing at the header rail, and the soft top and frame you see in the picture above is now happily mounted on Ms. Jenavieve. I think it’ll be perfectly fine once it’s tidied up, and more importantly it actually fits right and I can snap and Velcro the back the way it’s supposed to be done. Took all of an hour to swap, and it actually works right.